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Written by Ash, November 5, 2015

For new members, it can take up to 24 hours on regular weekdays before you account can be fully activated. Activation keys are not required; please do not panic if you did not receive one.

Please post your comments here if you are requesting for help. Thank you! 🙂


  • Ash

    Please comment on this page if you need help with registration & activation!

  • ahbee

    hi theary how do i add videos on khmer avenue? pleass help 🙂

  • theary

    Dear Ahbee,

    please provide us with your email address and your user name, so admin can give you the permission to add vids at
    Thank you so much in advance for sharing with us, dear 😀

  • Chanra

    I already register, but I can’t login to this website.Pleas help me to activation my account.

  • Ash

    Chanra, Kim, Bongsya, & recent members have been activated!

  • Tola

    I registered on Jan 21 and still unable to watch,.. Keep getting the same messages ——–> Video Is Currently Not Available,
    Please Try Again In A Few Hours…

  • C

    I was wondering if I could get assistance with activation as well! Thank you for your time!

  • Rany

    I am a new member but can’t watch this movie. Please help! Thanks!

  • Vimeanchant

    I registered in 3 days, but I can’t watch this movies yet ? Please help me.

  • Ash

    Helo Rany & Vimeanchant, please try again. It should be all set! 🙂

  • Ash

    All new registrants have been activated! 🙂

  • pan sophat

    Dear Mr/Mrs
    please help me for registered with your email and username. thank you

  • Vanna Paris

    Hello bong, My account did not yet Ativate plese help me. Thank you before
    My username is Vanna Paris

  • Andy

    Hello! I already registered but I still can not watch. My username is Realkhmer. Can you help me fix it? Thanks.

  • PanSophat

    Dear Mr/Mrs

    Username me is Pansophat.
    thank you.

  • Ash

    Andy & Pansophat, please try again. Both have been activated! 🙂

  • babybou

    please activate my account
    user: babybou


  • Terry

    I can’t open the page. Can you please help me

  • moeun

    I already registered and it still not working it say try again

  • Salvenia

    Dear Admin

    Please activate my account because I really want to watch the dramas here. My username is salvenia. Thank you very much!

  • Maly

    my account is Smlakoy and this video doesn’t work yet, can you help me to fix it thanks

  • Kheang

    My account meykheang, can you help me to activate it thz

  • Li Mei

    Dear Admin

    Can you activate my account because I really want to watch the dramas here. My username is Lymey009. Thank you very much!

  • Ash

    Kheang & Li Mei, both accounts have been happily activated! 🙂

  • Sochea khun

    hi i just request to joint your webside and try to watch your Video but could not see. can you help look into that please

  • Povhong

    Dear Theary,

    My usee name Povhong and e-mail:
    Please help me !

  • lychhay

    I can’t play video (grudge 12). Please fix it.

  • Stacey

    I been a member over couple of week now and still can’t watch any movie.

  • Pov

    plz active my acc username sorpov thx b4

  • Emeline

    Hello ! I can’t watch any movie, my username is Chhon.thank you

  • Vy

    Happy Easter! Registered but have not received the activation link. Help!

    • theary

      Please allow 24-48 hours for your account fully activate or please provide us with your username, so admin can look into it for you.

  • Ash

    Pov & Emline, both have been activated. Also, all recent members have been activated. Please post your username if you are still experiencing issue. Thank you!

  • Hanan

    I can not open The myth movie . Help me please

  • Savy Yi

    Pls. Help I forgot my Id and password thank you

  • groupon


    How are you? Long time no chat and with all the rest of the uploaders. Could you please approve user: bong5

    • Ash

      It has been awhile Groupon the last we have spoken! Everyone has been busy it seems. I am glad to see you and pa’oun Theary still around. I have approved bong5.

      • groupon

        yes I’ve been on/off in here but haven’t get a chance to upload any movies cuz been bz, Once i get things organized, i will come back and upload more chinese oldies and some thai lakorn which i got back in the old old old khmer site, but now no longer exist. kinda miss the old days where we all chitchat in the forum 🙂

        • Ash

          I hope to see everyone back, especially the nearing summer. I am sure to be more active by then too. 🙂


            This is the best site for anybody who desires to find out about this topic. You notice so much its nearly onerous to argue with you (not that I truly would want…HaHa). You undoubtedly put a brand new spin on a topic thats been wrote about for ages. Nice stuff, simply nice!

        • Starr

          Boom shlakakaa boom boom, problem solved.

    • Emeline

      thanks you Ash

    • Lim Sreng

      Ash could you please approve my nam to your member

    • Ban Ban

      Thank yo replay

    • groupon

      please fix khmerave. thx

    • Sinan

      im a new member . cant watch movies. pease help username panda2016

    • Ash

      All members have been activated. Please post her if you still continue to have a problem.

    • thea

      I can’t watch this movie I love soo much!

    • linda

      i did signed up but still can not watch this movie and not repley to my email , i need help please

      • Ash

        Hello Linda, please try again. If it still does not work, please state your username so we can help. Thank you.

    • Ash

      All recent members have been activated.

    • Ash

      All new members have been activated.

    • KIMHIM

      Hi admin,
      I already activate with the given link, why I still can not see the movie. Please help me

    • San

      need help with this video cant seem to open it.

    • Ash

      All new members have been activated!

    • latola

      Could I have permission on this part too?

    • Ash

      All recent members have been activated. Please provide your username if you are still unable to view. Thank you!

    • V


      Most of the older videos that I want to watch have all been given me the same error message(s) that “it’s currently not available, please try again in a few hours”.

      Please help.

      User name: Vchins4


    • Ash

      All recent members have been activated!

    • Pen Sodany

      Dear Ash

      I am Pen Sodany, I registered already; but I could not view this video, so please help me on this

      Thank you

    • Pen Sodany

      Dear Ash,

      Thank you for your help; but it cannot login the same before.
      Please help me on this problems
      Thank you very much
      Pen Sodany, Miss

      • Ash

        Hello Sodany, your account has been activated since posted. Please use the reset password link, or create a new account if you are unable to login.

    • Chen

      Dear Mr.Ash
      I need you help me. Because I couldn’t view this video

    • Tatyana

      My user name Tatyana , and I register already but now I can’t watch this movie please help me when I can watch this movie what should I do can you tell me

    • Cekai

      Can u help? Some movies say unavailable

    • Kimly22

      Please help me activate this account.

    • Ash

      Tatyana & Cekai, I’ve just checked and both accounts have been activated. Please try again.

    • johnny vath

      need help, i cannot watch ep01 to ep50

    • Ly seang

      Please help me activate this account.

    • Nakry

      Dear admin,

      Please I need help with registration & activation.
      Thanks in advance

    • Ash

      All new members have been activated. Ly Seang and Nakry, if you are still having issues, please post your usernames here.

      • johnny vath

        im sorry Ash but im still having the same problem. The episode 01 to 50 it said “SORRY Because of its privacy settings, this video cannot be played here.” but it funny that i can watch from ep 51 to 132. LOL
        Please can you help me Thank.

    • V


      Was wondering if anyone would be available to help me, I’m not able to watch some to the movies and I’m not exactly a new member either.

      Thanks in advance

    • Kulika

      Hi , please help me can’t watch the video at all … already registred for a few days ago . My username : Kulika . thank you 🙂 ^-^

    • Dara Virat

      Hi Khmers,

      When will you activate my account? I’ve been registered for more then two weeks already.
      So please, be kind and let me see that Return of the Condor.

    • Chhun Moeuy

      Please help I can’t open this movie!my username meleahmao

    • SovannDy

      My username Chansovanndy

    • Kevin

      My username KSnonChan978 already registered

    • Megafan

      My username is Megafan…. Please help

    • Kevin

      Need help i have waited 24hr already

    • sopheakma7

      Why I can’t watch Please help me Uusername Sopheakma7 ” flower season 3″ Thanks

    • Ash

      Sopheak, Kevin, Megafan, previous members, & newly registered members should be all set. Please let me know if you run into issues. Thank you!

    • mymymum

      just registered by still couldn’t view the videos. name is mymymum. can you help look into it? thanks

    • Ly Deth

      y i can not open even i become a member

    • Yunelda

      Need help to watch

    • Monica huon

      Hi bong why I can’t view this movie?

    • jumpy

      Hi, I can’t watch part 14 of Yong pal. I already log in but can’t watch.

    • thean

      i can’t watch part 30 Yong pal , i already login but i can’t watch
      please help, thanks.

    • Bopa

      Please help, user name : bopaseua

    • Kim leang

      Help me I can’t access to all of the movie video

    • Maneth Peou

      Please, I can’t opened

    • Kimchea ran

      Please help can’t view

    • Kimchea ran

      Please help can’t view all
      User name : kimchea ran

    • Kimchea ran

      Title: Lie to Me

    • Brad

      Hi my username is brad, can you activate me? I can’t see Crazy love from episode 12 and above. Thanks in advance!

    • Nary

      Please help , I can’t open

    • Nary

      Please help me,

    • srunkimheng

      I register already. But not receive code from my gmail (

    • Sievmey

      Help please!!!!!
      I can’t watch this drama

    • Sandy

      Username is RedGalaxyWolf

      I can’t watch most of the videos! It says “video does not exist”

    • Lina

      I can’t watch this drama

    • Dada

      Can not open please help

    • Lina

      Pls help cannot see this drama

    • Lina

      Pls help cannot see drama

    • cha cha

      i need for help

    • Kunthea

      Please help me too
      My name is Kunthea

    • Looloolala

      Please help. Thank you

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